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Homeoprophylaxis - Safe Natural Alternative to Toxic Vaccines

Definition of Homeoprophylaxis:

“Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances in a systematic manner

to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of disease.”

~~Educating the Immune System~~

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) (Homeopathic Immunization)  has been used on millions of people worldwide for over 200 years for preventing all types of infectious and contagious diseases. Homeopathic immunizations help to prevent vaccine injury in children and adults of all ages, as well as pets. HP is 100% safe. 

Strengthen Your Natural Immunity Against Infectious Diseases

Homeoprophylaxis increases natural immunity by stimulating the immune system with the highly diluted substances that are the homeopathic – energy equivalents – of a given disease.  HP protection is available for many types of infectious diseases.

HP Is A Clinically Proven, Effective Alternative To Vaccines

HP stimulates natural immune system protection for for infants and children as well as adults.   HP has a proven 90% effectiveness rate based on clinical research. Watch videos about homeoprophylaxis that explain why and how it works to boost natural immunity.

Current Clinical Research: Recent large scale use of homeopathic immunizations in 2007 and 2008 was in Cuba where HP was used to prevent an epidemic for Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that effects both humans and animals. The result was stunning clinical effectiveness of HP on a population of 2,000,000 people in a government run program, with zero reported deaths on participants.

HP Is Safe – Improves Health and Immunity With No Toxicity

Homeopathic immunizations are 100% safe. All HP Programs use homeopathic, non-toxic remedies. HP improves immunity, with no risk.   HP replaces vaccinations.  All vaccines contain toxic ingredients and carry many health risks. Vaccines can cause severe injury and even death. Vaccines are associated with ADHD, allergies, autism, autoimmune diseases, developmental delays, neurological damage and chronic health issues. Educate yourself, friends and family about the medical research related to vaccine injury. Watch and share videos about vaccine dangers with your family and friends.

If you cringe at the thought of injecting your tiny newborn with conventional vaccines loaded with neurotoxic chemicals and additives that can damage their health for a lifetime and your investigation into vaccines has led you to desire another option, you deserve to learn more about HP.  There IS another way.   A small kit in the hands of parents can be used at home to administer the complete HP for Children & Teens Program that can be tailored to individual needs for childhood illnesses. Parents love the flexibility of the program and seeing their children’s immune systems respond gently and naturally with no life-altering side effects.  HP for College & Medical Students Programs are also available. 

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For those traveling to foreign countries (missionaries, business travelers, tourists, etc.), HP for Tourists & Travels Program is an easy and safe alternative to toxic tropical disease vaccines. While some travel clinics will claim that you ‘must’ receive vaccines to travel, this is inaccurate. The only vaccine required to re-enter the US is yellow fever if you have visited a country where yellow fever is endemic. This information can be found on the CDC site under “travel” where you can click links to each country and learn of the yellow fever risk. All other vaccines for hepatitis, dengue fever, typhoid, malaria, and others can be declined and suitable HP doses can provide protection. Many of the studies already conducted have taken place in countries where these tropical epidemics exist.

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HP programs can be customized to the needs of the adult or senior, depending on their circumstances and living arrangements.  HP for Adults & Seniors Programs are customized to the Client’s needs and designed to help protect against infectious diseases of concern, including in nursing homes, elder care and hospice care environments.  We offer HP protection for various diseases so that toxic vaccinations do not have to be admininistered.  These programs are done on a customized schedule, as discussed with a Certified HP Supervisor.

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What is Homeoprophylaxis?

Homeoprophylaxis means the use of homeopathic nosodes OR homeopathic remedies for disease prevention.  The goal of HP is to “train” the immune system to the energetic components of the nosodes of given disease in order to stimulate the immune system to produce immunity.  Homeopathic nosodes are prepared from disease germs.  The remedies are made under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Guidelines so that not a single molecule of the disease remains using dilution and potentization methods.

Once a remedy is potentized and made into a tincture, only the frequency of that diseased substance remains. This tincture is then dropped on small pills to make each of the remedies or nosodes, in various potencies.  The potencies used for homeoprophylaxis are typically 200C, 1M and 10M.  This method has been clinically studied for over 15 years by Dr. Isaac Golden and is a safe and effective option to vaccinations to protect a person from infectious contagious diseases.

Who Is The HP Program For?

The HP Program is designed for those who have made the decision to NOT VACCINATE their children or themselves, but who would like to have a safe alternative method of disease prevention.  Homeoprophylaxis (HP) has a 96% effectiveness rating in clinical studies.  Homeoprophylaxis can be used for humans as well as pets.  

Vaccine Exemptions

Free Parent Mini-Course on HP from Dr. Isaac Golden

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About Homeopathic Immunizations

Homeopathic Immunizations (Homeoprophylaxis - HP) is the use of potentized substances in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of disease. HP is a natural, safe method of instilling natural immunity by stimulating the immune system with highly diluted substances made into a homeopathic remedy that is an energy equivalent of a given disease.

Clinical Effectiveness and Safety of Homeoprophylaxis

Homeopathic Immunizations are demonstrated as 90%-plus effective in clinical studies based on both homeopathic and scientific principles. HP has been used for over 200 years to prevent epidemics and treat infectious diseases of many types. HP has been used worldwide on millions of people of all ages.

About Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies have been safely used around the world for over 200 years by millions of people of all ages. They are effective adn safe, without dangerous side effects. All homeopathic remedies are made in a standardized manner under strict Homeopathic PHarmacopeia and FDA guidelines. High potency remedies and HP remedies require professional supervision by a trained Homeopath.

Supervision for HP Services

The purchase and use of an HP Kit or HP remedies for Homeopathic Immunization requires enrollment in and supervision of an HP Program. Enrollment includes dosing guidance and the ongoing email supervision of a Certified HP Practitioner who is professionally trained and experienced in their use.


This website offers helpful information and resources on Homeoprophylaxis and Homeopathy for educational and informational purposes only. The use or misuse of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. This website is not intended as a substitute for professional homeopathic and/or medical care. Homeopathic products have not been evaluated by the FDA and do not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.