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Homeoprophylaxis for Children & Teens

 The homeopathic immunization programs that we for children offer are customized to meet the individual

needs of children or adults. We consider the medical history of children participating in our

HP programs and can provide full or partial protection for any infectious USA diseases.

NOTE:  HP Remedy Kits are ONLY sold to enrolled clients who have completed their initial consultation for an HP Program and are under our contracted supervision.  

Homeopathic Immunization Remedy Kit for Children

Safety Of The Homeopathic Immunization For Children

*  Homeoprophylaxis has been proven safe and clinically effective for over 200 years and on millions of people, worldwide!

*  HP Programs can be customized to children whether non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated, depending on their health history and needs

HP offers safe, clinically proven protection through natural immunity but HP does not qualify for legal exemption.

*  A medical, philosophical or religious vaccine exemption where allowed will still need to be obtained for a college student when required, in order for them to not be required to vaccinate for college admission.

Standard HP Program For Children For Homeopathic Immunizations in the USA

Read more details about the costs for HP Programs for children.

*  The initial family consultation for this HP Program is $150 per family. There is no need for travel to our office, everything is done via Skype and email supervision.

*  The Standard USA HP Program is a eight (8) disease program. The cost is $200 for the 1st per person in the same family, $125 for the 2nd person, and $75 for the 3rd and each other person for the full supervised Standard HP Program or any portion of it that is desired.

*  Homeopathic immunizations in the Standard HP Program are designed for children and families living in the USA.

*  The Standard HP Program can be started for children at any age.

*  Parents can choose to do all or part of the HP Program or single diseases, depending on the child’s needs, past vaccinations already received and medical history.

*  The Standard HP Program covers eight (8) diseases with dosing done for long term protection over about 44 months.  If the Standard HP Program is started at one month of age, and all 9 diseases were protected against, then the person would be completing it at about age 4.

*  A HP Remedy Kit is required, the cost is $88 plus $8.95 shipping and handling and is included in the cost for the first child enrollment.  One kit can be used for up to four (4) children in the same family/household, so a new kit will need to be purchased along with enrollment of fifth child.

*  If needed, the dosing order can be changed with supervision of the Certified Homeoprophylaxis Practitioner (CHP).

These are the eight (8) USA diseases protected in the Standard HP Program and the nosodes provided in the HP Remedy Kit.  Homeopathic immunizations are normally given in this order, and can begin at one month of age for infants:

          1.  Pertussin - for Pertussis - "Whooping cough"

          2.  Pneumococcal - for Pneumococcal Disease

          3.  Lathyrus Sativus - for Polio

          4.  Haemophilus - HIB Influenza, Type B

          5.  Meningogoccinum - for Meningitis

          6.  Tetanus Toxin - for Tetanus

          7.  Parotidinum - for Mumps

          8.  Morbillinum - for Measles

          BOUNS:  Influenzinum - for Influenza 

Other Single Diseases Can Also Be Protected With HP

*  Cost of Single Disease Protection: $75 per person for supervision by a Certified HP Homeopath for the 1st disease for protection, $50 for the 2nd, $25 for the 3rd or more diseases for supervision, if done in the same Program.   HP remedies are at an additional cost plus shipping.

*  If additional diseases are added at the same time the Standard Program is being supervised, the cost is only an additional $25 per each additional disease.

*  These are the other Single Diseases protected against with HP if desired, in any combination:

          1.  Diptheria

          2.  Hepatitis A

          3.  Hepatitis B

          4.  Rotavirus

          5.  Rubella - for German measles

          6.  Varicella Zoster - for Chicken Pox


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